To assist members of our community to understand and plan how to live with the COVID-19 Virus, Strata OCM has consulted with relevant key authorities to provide reference resources for Owners Corporations and their residents.

We encourage everyone to abide by the Victorian Government directions with regard to social distancing and personal hygiene. Please see:

In the event a person tests positive to COVID-19, it is our understanding the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria (DHHS) will maintain regular contact with that person and provide guidelines as to how to manage their health circumstance and self-isolation.  

Should an Owners Corporation resident test positive and be directed to self-isolate in their residence, we request the resident contact their Owners Corporation Manager immediately to advise them of their circumstances.

On receiving advice of a COVID-19 positive resident, Strata OCM will initiate the following steps.

(i) Advise all owners of the presence of a COVID-19 positive resident at their Owners Corporation (non-owner occupiers should notify their agents and tenants)
(ii) Arrange a "deep" clean of the common property touch point as soon as practicable
(iii) Arrange for a temporary sign to be placed in or around the entrance/s advising of the close proximity of COVID-19 in the building 
(iv) Advise recent and scheduled trades and services of the close proximity of COVID-19 in the building 

We are advised that Federal and State Privacy Acts prevent the disclosure at first instance of the identity of the resident. We are also mindful that the information pertains to a medical condition, which is a concern to our legal advisors.

It is important to understand that this is a Community Health issue, we all have our part to play in helping each other stay COVID-19 safe and aid those who test positive to the virus. 

Affected residents, along with the Owners Corporation community and co- residents do have an active role in their encouraging all members to abide by community standards not to cause harm or damage to others.  

The OC Manager does not have and will not have an agreement with or responsibility for the actions of a resident in isolation.  This is, as it should be, the responsibility of each individual resident and household.  We understand that contravention of strict isolation guidelines may attract legal consequences in the event of infringement.  This is the responsibility of the relevant health and reporting authorities. 

When advised of the close proximity of Covid-19 to their community, it would be prudent that all residents remain vigilant to its presence and should take responsibility for their own personal hygiene.  When in and around the common area of the building, residents should consider the wearing of a prescribed mask, gloves and the regular cleaning of hands.

The OC, at its own expense, should consider an increased scheduling of touch point cleaning (hand rails, lift buttons, bins etc) as a public health service to it's resident community.   Safe Work Australia  guidelines suggest at least a daily clean and disinfecting of touch points.  The Owners Corporation committee or representative should instruct their Manager in this matter.   

Strata OCM has sourced additional relevant documentation which may be of assistance to Owners Corporation which is published below. Additional information may be sourced from;

Your Owners Corporation Manager and Strata OCM are committed to assisting your community to our full capacity to navigate the Covid-19 environment.  
Should you wish to discuss this further or seek additional information please feel free to contact your Strata OCM manager.